sĭn’ fĭn ĭs

Lyrics: Can’t Just Fix It In Post

© 2011 Sinfinis

Lyrics and Vocals by Mary Elizabeth Kennedy
Arrangement and Instrumentation by Kai Kennedy

in act one all I’d want
is to cut right to the chase
must have missed some of the twists
when I left to take a break

the plot unfolds
I realize that I’m uncertain of the date
turn my head and look around
barely recognize this place

there’s a ringing in my ears
a thousand watts burn in my face
fumbling with all the props
I wander onto center stage

reaching in my bag of tricks
the dog and pony at the gate
I fall flat and come up short
from the top, another take

look at me, frozen stiff
inside every single frame
scenery passes by
nearly everything has changed

yes, the show must go on
despite whatever cruel fate
try to force the curtain down
I can’t bear to wait

there’s a ringing in my ears
hardly know my own face
strain to see the nameless crowd
as I exit the stage

I just want a perfect end
to an imperfect day
slow dissolve into black
and it all goes away

About Kai

Voice actor, musician, and life enthusiast.

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