sĭn’ fĭn ĭs

Lyrics: my Strange Birthday

© 2007 Sinfinis

Lyrics by Matthew J. Bell and Mary Elizabeth Kennedy
Vocals by Mary Elizabeth Kennedy
Arrangement and Instrumentation by Josh Feinstein

hidden away like a treasure
she’s just too rich to care
tossing her choices around like bricks into the air
i’ll only complicate your life
we might as well say goodbye
before we even try

ignore and disbelieve me
it’s easy
you can make me disappear

it’s not safe to say that there isn’t enough here
instead of counting the days
we’ll just waste your year

and doesn’t she conceive me?
…of the darkness i’m in
or the translucence of skin?
(whatever i may be)
the warmth was my friend
right ’til the end
though no one ever sees me

you can make me disappear

i’m gone and away but
i hope you’re okay
and manage to pull through
if i’d one wish it’d be for a kiss
and a “happy birthday, baby, I love you”

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Voice actor, musician, and life enthusiast.

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