sĭn’ fĭn ĭs

Lyrics: Waiting To Leave

© 2011 Sinfinis

Lyrics and Vocals by Mary Elizabeth Kennedy
Arrangement and Instrumentation by Kai Kennedy

I wait to leave the world without me
it spins
I scream
it doesn’t hear me
an endless stream of infernal ticking
the clock’s making
threatens to drown me

go faster, please
I’m in a hurry
I’m young and free and I fear nothing
I’ll bet that we
could swim the Dead Sea
I’ll fly
you’ll see
just try and stop me

my Nate told me he’s scared without me
the kisses sweet he leaves on my cheek
are all for me
his one and only
but soon he’ll see he follows when she…

I wait to see if I’ll get to keep
my faculties
it makes me dizzy
to think I’ll be
a thing that’s heavy
for somebody
to have to carry

I hate to leave so much behind me
slow down, please, PLEASE
I’m in no hurry but
it’s here
the world without me
the clock’s winding
down as it should be

I wait to leave the world without me

About Kai

Voice actor, musician, and life enthusiast.

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