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Update: Rational Animals 2012 Reissue

When we released Rational Animals waaaaaaaay back in February of 2011, we put a lot of heart into the album, but by our shiny, new 2012 standards, it’s not exactly a sterling example of great audio production. On top of that, we printed CDs, but never really gave it a wide distribution via the internet. So, with songs that many consider to be some of our best, what could we do that would allow us to get it out there to some of our new fans, but also give those that already bought it something to look for? During a manic fever dream, Kai thought of a way!

So, due out this July, we’ll be reissuing Rational Animals, with both the mixing and mastering reworked to incorporate our increased knowledge and experience. Nothing will be rerecorded, and nothing about the song structures will be changed. This will still be the album some of you have come to love, only better!

And just to make sure that the money you pay is worth it, we’ll be giving you 5 brand new tracks! Songs you’ve never heard before, magically flowing into your ears! As we get closer to completion, we’ll start releasing more info about the exact date.

Until then!

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Voice actor, musician, and life enthusiast.

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This entry was posted on June 13, 2012 by in News.
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