sĭn’ fĭn ĭs

Lyrics: Byten

© 2013 Sinfinis

Lyrics, Vocals, Arrangement, and Instrumentation by Kai Kennedy

at what point did you decide
I’m no longer worth your time?
that we shouldn’t bear this pain?
every effort has been made?

I told you I would die before I left you
What happened to forever?
What happened to forever?

you’re talking crazy
calm down, baby
I can make this right
I will make this right

let’s not do something you’ll regret
I can’t let you leave just yet
you’ll be mine forever
you’ll be mine forever

I’m going to save us
we will never be apart

I know you’re scared
but our love will be spared
it will live eternal
always together
in death together

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This entry was posted on October 17, 2013 by in Lyrics.
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