sĭn’ fĭn ĭs

Chrome Ozone

Chrome Ozone is the embodiment of Justin and Jared Hamline in their multi-media monstrous form. If the duo of dastardly deviants aren’t making synthesized music, then they are off making podcasts, or videos, or writing, or cracking the Nazi’s code. Like Pi, the work of these two hooligans is irrational and very similar to Pi’s decimal representation, Chrome Ozone never ends and never settles into a permanent repeating pattern. They are a Frankenstein’s monster of literary, scientific, and popular culture references roaming and rampaging the countryside, in search of intelligence and, most of all, humanity.


Listen to Chrome Ozone’s remix of “Stars”, here.


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This entry was posted on November 25, 2014 by in Schizo Remix Artist.
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