sĭn’ fĭn ĭs

Lyrics: Gabriel

© 2015 Sinfinis Lyrics and Vocals by Mary Elizabeth Kennedy Arrangement and Instrumentation by Kai Kennedy this isn’t your best hour I don’t think you really know what you’re doing … Continue reading

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The wild dog haunts, Take care yourself

We made some new music for you. We’re pleased to present this 2-track album, TWDHTCY. Take it for free if you like, or pay what you think it’s worth. As … Continue reading

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Schizo Remixed: X-Sides

X-Sides is here, and it’s yours to download, free of charge. In tandem with five other entities we’re friendly with, these are the final interpretations of the Schizo Sessions. Buz … Continue reading

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Brothers Fire

The guitars have been reduced to kindling. All that remains of what was once an empire are nothing more than a series of boxes wired together emanating various blips in … Continue reading

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Glitch Factor

Glitch Factor is the electronic rock project of Justin L. Fisher. Justin is an Emmy and Telly award winning music producer and audio engineer in St. Louis, MO. Justin has … Continue reading

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Chrome Ozone

Chrome Ozone is the embodiment of Justin and Jared Hamline in their multi-media monstrous form. If the duo of dastardly deviants aren’t making synthesized music, then they are off making … Continue reading

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Adventures in the high-tech low-life. Working in various forms of rock and electronic music since the mid-nineties, Ritch N. (a.k.a. ritchUAL) specializes in downtempo, trip-hop and industrial. Armed with an … Continue reading

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