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The wild dog haunts, Take care yourself

We made some new music for you. We’re pleased to present this 2-track album, TWDHTCY. Take it for free if you like, or pay what you think it’s worth. As … Continue reading

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Schizo Remixed: X-Sides

X-Sides is here, and it’s yours to download, free of charge. In tandem with five other entities we’re friendly with, these are the final interpretations of the Schizo Sessions. Buz … Continue reading

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Our Music on Film

We’re excited to announce that our music will be featured in Sophie: The Movie. Directed by Alvaro Aro (Vimage Films), this project is currently in pre-production. We’ll share information as … Continue reading

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Schizophilia has arrived.

Your support has meant a lot to us, and we’re happy to now provide you with the music you paid us for! You can hear it in THE SOUNDS section … Continue reading

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Hometown Press

We’re featured in the June/July 2013 issue of St. Louis Sinner magazine! (On the cover, even!) Get your copy at select locations around town – in the Loop, downtown, on … Continue reading

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The Sinfinis Kickstarter Funding Drive

In the year 2013, from April 25th to May 25th, we’re putting our 3rd (and best) album in the hands of our fans.

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What is Sinfinis doing right now?

Hello. The Winter months have traditionally been quiet for Sinfinis. It’s a time to relax, to write new music, and to get ourselves together for the warmer months soon to … Continue reading

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